Edna Kissmann joined forces with Martin Langford in the 1980s as joint MDs of Burson-Marsteller London, turning 30% losses into 28% profits and the London office into what PR Week called 'the happiest shop in town'.

Since then, Edna and Martin have worked quietly behind the scenes in some of the intervening decades' biggest and highest profile corporate events, making headlines while taking care to stay out of them. The partnership has been based throughout on one fundamental combination: common values; complementary skills.

Edna and Martin launched KissmanLangford in 2002 to offer a personal and committed service to senior clients in serious need. Areas of expertise include reputation management, corporate restructuring and issues, crisis and stakeholder management.

Edna works mainly through the calm, low-profile moulding of corporate cultures, while Martin is the 'Master of Disaster' - the Red Adair of damage control for companies in - or risking - crisis. But the two are united by a belief in being true to themselves - and to others; in always doing the right thing, and standing up for what they believe in.

Prior to setting up their joint firm, Edna was Vice Chairman of Burson-Marsteller Worldwide and head of its Knowledge Management function and its 400+ strong global healthcare practice. She spent 21 years at Burson-Marsteller and worked in its NYC, UK and German operations. A native of Israel, Edna worked there for 6 years after graduation from Boston University (MsC cum laude). Amongst others she also spent a year in the later Prime Minister Rabin’s office as assistant press secretary.

Edna’s and Martin’s combined experience includes;

• Conceiving, creating and evolving the Oxford Health Alliance, www.oxha.org, a partnership formed by Oxford University, Novo Nordisk, WHO and working with universities, governments, companies and NGOs globally to fight the four epidemic chronic diseases of CVD, diabetes, cancer and pulmonary diseases;
• Assessing and restructuring issues and stakeholder management departments in global food, drink and pharmaceutical companies;
• Managing issues and crises around the world;
• Developing and implementing corporate and CEO positioning strategies for global pharmaceutical companies; and
• Training and increasing professional capacities of hundreds of senior executives in all major business centres

Collaborating with a network of experts to provide the best teams to meet clients’ needs Kissmann Langford remains small and focussed, working for and with the best.

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