What we do

Relationships are assets, valuable and vulnerable.

Firstline Europe helps corporations, organisations and authorities to set and achieve objectives otherwise unattainable, through management of stakeholder relationships in heavily regulated or value intensive markets. Stakeholders are human beings with specific interests. Stakeholders are also institutions and organisations with agendas that supersede the individuals' viewpoints. Balancing these perspectives, assessing risk and rewards, satisfying different ambitions and building trust, is what we consider stakeholder management:

• We assist clients with building perceptual value (reputation capital).
• We help clients exert greater influence (political capital)
• We work with clients to enhance and develop their relationships with stakeholders (network capital)

Firstline Europe specialises in international stakeholder communications, public affairs, issues management and public relations.

We share a common ground of professionalism and a pragmatic approach. We are passionate about being close to the questions of the day and to tomorrow's challenges and we strive to be agile and creative in meeting our clients' needs.

Each one of the companies making up the Firstline Europe network is staffed by the owners and a select group of senior staffers who represent many years' experience in the core disciplines and in project management on an international and multi location scale.